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A hygienic atmosphere is a must for facilities that deal with diseases, patients, clients, and residents. Our company is completely dedicated towards providing professional cleaning services.

We have a team of well-experienced and dedicated staff that would ensure that your facility receives the highest quality of cleaning service.

Disinfex applies proven cleaning methods and proper protocol to each task, and uses only industry-approved cleaning products.

DISINFEX is the brainchild of its President/Founder Beni Lopez. His 25 years of working experience in the health-care industry gave him a clearer perspective on the vitality of sanitation and the need for a company that would focus in helping the different health facilities maintain or achieve a clean, safe, and healthy environment. He noticed the frequency in the requests for isolation cleaning, and more so in the last 5 years, outbreaks caused by C-diff, Norwalk, and MRSA were becoming rampant. It concerned him so much that he wanted to do something about it. Hence, the birth of DISINFEX.

DISINFEX has well-trained cleaning associates and a management team who come into your facility and work closely with your staff to ensure the highest possible levels of cleanliness.

We have Infection-control Practitioners as our Consultants, and our Director, Manager, Supervisors, and Cleaning Associates are skilled and well-experienced in the hospital environmental service. Moreover, you can be assured that our staff underwent complete immunization and criminal background checks, and that they are bound by a Privacy and Confidentiality Agreement.

We cater to cleaning and disinfecting needs of various facilities, such as:

  • hospital facilities
  • extended care facilities
  • retirement homes
  • residential homes
  • public and private schools
  • cruise lines
  • walk-in clinics
  • laboratories
  • detention cells
  • emergency vehicles etc...

We offer a range of services like:

DISINFEX Specialized Cleaning

  • terminal cleaning
  • isolation cleaning
  • 2-step cleaning
  • enhanced cleaning
  • routine cleaning
  • proactive cleaning
  • post-construction cleaning


Work closely with the heatlh care providers in maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy environment.


To be at the forefront in the cleaning industry providing superior cleaning service.


Confidentiality, Competence, and Consistency

Our Professionals:

Gener P.


Julio T.


Desiree D.


Maria A.


Zeny P.


Rheuel J.


Ronald A.


Armando T.


Godfrey .


Imelda D.


Jane J.


Merlinda .


Pablo .


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Friendly and respectful

Beni is well-liked and respected by his peers and all who meet him for his friendly, respectful and enthusiastic manner.
Max R. | Thu Jun 16 2011
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Prompt management

Beni handles problems in a prompt manner. When something is brought to his attention he immediately investigates and puts a plan into place to deal with the concern.
Cathy B. | Thu Jun 16 2011
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Beni is very knowledgeable

Beni is a hands on manager and as such is out on the units on a daily basis checking in with the units, clients and his staff members. He is knowledgeable as to the duties of each housekeeping position.
Rosalind D. | Thu Jun 16 2011

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