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Clutter Queen Services

  • Professional Organizer
  • Eliminating clutter & organizing ...
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250-381-6748
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Barbara's passion is to restore order and harmony to client homes and offices in the most cost-effective ways possible.


- Downsize possessions
- Reconfigure any ineffecient space for better purpose
- Tame your Paper Tiger
- Develop a file system for home or office
- Create easy-to-use systems to streamline work and control clutter
- Sort and clear an estate
- Groom house to sell quicker at higher profit...invest as little as $300 to gain $5,000 or more!
"Worth every penny!" Judy Moscovitz

"Our house looked so good after Barbara's help decluttering that the first person who viewed it made us a great offer - which we accepted! 
Nancy & Jason

"Barbara's help dealing with my parents' estate has been a huge relief.  Not only did I make $150 in sales, I also found a long-lost deed for property I needed to sell.  And then I had an empty room I made into a craft workshop."  Sue Cambridge
 * Free half-hour consultation immediately prior to appointment to assess your needs and goals ($28 value)
 * Support and encouragement throughout the elimination process
 * Free after-appointment coaching (if required) to keep you motivated and on track     (up to $60 value)
 * Free monthly newsletter
 * Connecting you with companies that might pay for your no-longer-wanted items!
 * Tipsheets for easy uncluttering and organizing
 * Options for earth-friendly disposal of unwanted goods (you are responsible for           transporting saleable and donation goods)
 * Bonus: Often, Barbara can offer personalized after-appointment ideas that do not require her paid assistance

GOT A QUESTION? Call or email the Clutter Queen to help you in the Victoria, BC, Canada area.

Telephone: (250) 381-6748

Is money tight?  Do you live outside my service area of Victoria, BC?  Would you rather do the work yourself?

I've written a practical and humorous do-it-yourself ebook. In 208 pages, "The Clutter Queen Spills!" provides hundreds of insider secrets, before and after photos, and 3 Simple Steps to unclutter your life...all for only $19.95!

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House Sale Preparation

"Our house looked so good, due to your help in decluttering, that the first person who viewed it made us a great offer - which we accepted!"
Nancy & Jason | Fri Oct 15 2010

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