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Claudia P.

  • Visual Arts
  • Instructor
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $20.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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I am a twenty-one-year-old, energetic, patient and hard-working female with a real passion for teaching - I have wanted to become a teacher since I was five. I was born in Mexico City, and lived there for seven years before moving to Victoria in 1996. With Spanish being my first language, I am fluent speaking the language, and skilled at its reading and writing components as well. The opportunity to know a different language sparked my interest for languages, and I have taken some French classes at the University of Victoria. My other interests and hobbies include drawing, painting, gymnastics, partner balancing acrobatics, sewing, cooking, reading and teaching.

I am currently finishing my last year of Visual Arts at the University of Victoria. Upon completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts, I intend to apply for the Post Degree Professional Program for either Elementary or Middle School Education, or for Secondary Education, in which case I would become an art and Spanish teacher.
My teaching experiences involve five years of coaching gymnastics, working with groups of eight children in each class. The classes are divided according to ages, and I have experience working with children of various ages, from toddlers to young adults. In addition, I have provided casual Spanish and drawing private lessons.
One of the services I offer includes Spanish lessons and/or tutoring, which involves studying the grammatical structure of the language through reading and writing, as well as communication skills through conversations. Beginner to advanced classes are available. Another service which I offer includes art workshops, with emphasis on drawing, pencil crayons, charcoal, chalk pastels, and painting. Basic and advanced techniques with these media will be covered, in both the fields of realism and abstraction. I am also available for cooking classes, with emphasis on authentic Mexican cuisine, beginner French classes, and early ESL.

Project Outline I

Day 1
Basic drawing
Students will learn the basics of drawing. This will include copying simple images using measuring techniques, proportion principles,  and  comparing things to one another in terms of size and shape.
Materials:  paper, pencils and erasers

Day 2
Continuing with drawing
Students will continue to develop what they learned in the first day, and enhance their skills with shading to add texture and volume.
Material: textured paper, charcoal and kneaded erasers 

Day 3
Drawing and color
Students will apply their acquired drawing and shading skills as they learn the basics of color. Introduction to color theory will be covered, including how to shade by mixing complementary colors.
Materials: Chalk pastels, textured paper, and kneaded erasers

Day 4
Students will learn the basics of paintings, including blending and shading. Once students acquire confidence with the medium by doing quick exercises, students will transfer one of their previous drawings onto canvas paper and paint it.
Materials: Canvas paper, paint, paint brushes, water containers, paper towels

Day 5
Painting and Abstract Expressionism
The last day will be a fun class where students apply their acquired art skills in realism to move to abstraction. Having a good understanding of realism is always a helpful tool in producing abstract works. Students will be introduced to the works of abstract expressionists Jackson Pollock and Gerhard Richter, and will produce a fun, contemporary piece inspired by one of the two.
Project Outline - II

Day 1
Basic drawing exercises
Students will learn basic drawing skills through various exercises, including copying images by simplifying them into simple shapes and then adding detail, copying using a grid, and coping an upside down image (this is so that they draw more accurately by copying what they see).
Materials: Paper, pencil and erasers

Day 2
Class project
The whole class will pick a single image to copy. The image will be divided into a grid, and each student will be responsible for copying a single square of the grid. Students will apply their previously learned drawing skills, as well as outline their image with ink. Once finished, the students will paste their squares on the grid to produce one big class drawing.
Materials: paper, pencils, erasers, ink and brushes.

Day 3
Basic painting exercises
Students will learn the basics of painting through various exercises, including color mixing, blending and shading, as well as coping a color wheel and smoothly blending two analogous colors (ie. smoothly blending from yellow to green).
Thicker paper, paint, paint brushes, paper towels, water containers

Day 4
Individual project
Students will bring a photograph from home which they wish to paint. The image will be projected with an overhead projector and traced onto canvas paper. If students wish, they can draw the image themselves. Then, students will paint the image using their previously learned painting skills.
Materials: canvas paper, paint, paint brushes, paper towels, water containers, overhead projector.

Day 5
Abstract Painting
Students will be given a short presentation on the works of contemporary abstract painters, and will be presented with a slide show of their work, Then student will produce their own abstract piece using all the art skills covered in the course. This pay include shading, blending, as well as mixing representative work with abstraction, or abstracting realism.
Materials: canvas paper, paint, paint brushes, paper towels, water containers

    These two project outlines will cover the basic art skills that will allow students to improve their work in terms of realism. This will include a better understanding of drawing, an essential tool for almost any art medium. With these skills, students will be able to express their ideas and will have the necessary background knowledge to produce more advanced work.  After a brief introduction to the traditional art practices, students will move on to more contemporary art practices, such as abstraction. With both project outlines, students will be introduced to contemporary artists and encouraged to produce a contemporary piece.  Workshop schedules are flexible and can be adjusted to suit the student’s age, personal goals and skill level.

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Best teacher!

Thank-you for being the best teacher to me for another year. I hope you can teach me next year
Violet R. | Fri Jul 08 2011
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Thanks for the help

Thank you for helping me to make the most of myself
Martin M. | Fri Jul 08 2011
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You're amazing

You have done an amazing job once again! Thank you for all the care and support you always give our daughter - you really put in the extra effort and it shows - and is much appreciated
Janet C. | Fri Jul 08 2011
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Thank you

I'd like to offer just a small gesture of thanks for all the interest and support for our daughter. You always go beyond what is necessary and we truly appreciate your efforts
Hilary P. | Fri Jul 08 2011

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