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Chandra G.

  • Chemistry
  • Tutoring
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $25.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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My name is Chandra. I completed my Masters Degree in Chemistry in 2005 from Tribhuvan University. In the University level education , I achieved highest score under the department of Education. I was awarded by Minister of Science and technology due to the highest marks in M.Sc.Chemistry. I like to work with children mainly in academic matter.Beside this, I like to read many books, journal specially related to science and technology, invention,discovery, research etc. I like to play volley ball, football, and chess game when I am free.
As I mentioned before, I had completed masters degree in chemistry. Beside chemistry, I studied environmental science as an optional subject in M.Sc. chemistry. Up to my Bachelors degree, I studied, Physics, chemistry, biology and environmental science. Altogether, I have 17 years education. After my university,I joined in french language school more than 1 years. I had completed 4th level in french language. I am also awarded by DELF A1 certificate by the Ministry of education, France. I have permanent Teaching License from Nepal.
I have more than 11 years solid teaching experiences in school to university level. My teaching career was started since 1999. I have experience to teach primary, Middle school, college and University level. I usually used Inductive, demonstration,project, discovery etc methods according to subject matter and students academic level. I emphasis to students centre teaching method. I was awarded by following national wise awards in my teaching career which is a big achievement for me.

Best Science Teacher Award (2009)
Best chemistry Lecturer Awards(2007)
I have diverse experience in teaching. In school level, I taught Maths, environment and population, and science, I taught all the discipline of science like Biology, chemistry, physics and astronomy and geology. But college and University level, I taught Methods of Teaching Science and chemistry only.

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You are Great

You are a great teacher I ever met. Thanks
Chelsey | Sat Apr 05 2014
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excellent teaching methods

YOu perhaps born fr teaching, and i really respect and appreciate you and your teaching techniques. I leant more in 1 week than my teacher in 1 year. Great keep it up
Brain | Wed Feb 26 2014
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OO yo experienced you looks great and highly
Nicki | Tue Nov 29 2011

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