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Dan T.

  • Computer Programming
  • Tutoring
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $30.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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I was born in England, and put in front of a computer at the age of 5. I moved to Canada when I was 10, and settled in quite comfortably here. I took all the Math/Physics/Computer Science classes I could find, while spending many hours a day experimenting and programming outside of school. One year after entering College, I realised I already had a College Graduate level of understanding pertaining to Programming, and so I chose to finish my schooling right there in order to become a full-time tutor.

I absolutely love to teach, and I understand that people have different learning styles and speeds. I promise that, as my student, you will never feel lost or left behind. Should you not get a concept, we can repeat it, attempting numerous approaches to passing the concept to you. I can take advantage of Visual learning, hands-on experimenting, lecturing, or simply repetition and homework.
During High School, I took Applications of Mathematics up until Grade 12. I was also a Teachers Assistant, trusted with the grading and correcting of other Grade 12 students. I also took Physics 12, which seemed to come naturally to m. During my final year of High School, I took an IT class. With 8 full years of programming experience behind my back, this class was incredibly easy. So much so that the teacher simply gave me the duty of Teachers Assistant, and gave me a permanent 100% for the class within the first week.

I proceeded down the natural path, and attended College. However, I soon realised I was simply becoming another Teachers Assistant, but this time I was paying out of pocket for it. I dropped out after 1 year. My classmates will tell you how extremely proficient I was, as well as about my natural gift of passing on information.

Over 9 years of Game Design experience.
Excelled in all Math and Computer related courses.
Tutored 4 people professionally.
Tutored about 40 people as a hobby.
Created dozens of small, precise, efficient algorithms.
Created an evolution simulator- One of about 3 in the world.
Created websites, online games, web scripts.
The service I provide is passing on the knowledge and experience necessary to create, maintain, and expand a full online game. These games are hugely successful, bringing together thousands of people to play in a single environment, interact with each other, and in all likelihood, pay a monthly fee to play. It comes as two stages. I also offer programming advice through Instant Messengers or texting on a bit of a fair trade basis. Just ask.

The First Stage of this service is simply a crash course in Programming concepts. You learn all about variables, languages, anything you will need to know to be able to learn these things in your own time. You are free to skip this should you have prior experience, and it is about 10 hours in total.

The Second Stage of this service is a more advanced course. You will, again, learn even more programming concepts, as well as produce an entire online game, set up the website and server systems for said game, track customers, learn about the laws surrounding online games, get experience marketing your game and leave with the knowledge necessary to maintain it. This can take anywhere from 40 to 90 hours, depending on what you would like. The online game you create will not be cookie cutter- It will be formulated from your ideas and entirely created by you. I will simply be there to hold your hand and guide you through the process.
Classes can be arranged for the student's home, a public location, or in my home office.

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Articulate & concise

Dan is an expert in his field and is great at sharing his understanding. I learned a lot in a short amount of time and any questions I have are always answered extremely well.
Carl M. | Mon Aug 22 2011
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Expert programmer

Dan knows how to program well, and he knows the concepts and is able to apply them effectively. He is also quite articulate, so passing ideas to team members or pupils comes quite easily to him.
Andrew S. | Mon Aug 22 2011

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