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Lindsay L.

  • ESL & English
  • Tutoring
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $56.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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I am passionate about language, and love learning about other cultures. I have lived and worked abroad and travelled extensively, in Europe, India, Nepal , Mexico and South America. Teaching is not a job for me, but part of my life. I have close relationships with my students and their families, and enjoy seeing my students realize their dreams.
Since I was a child, I have always loved and excelled at English.Upon graduation from high school, I attended Banff School of Fine Arts to pursue my passion for writing, having already published several poems.  I obtained my B.A in Applied Linguistics and completed an advanced Cambridge Teaching Diploma in England. I am a continuous learner, and can usually be found listening to language tapes to expand my knowledge. Once fluent in French, I am most proficient now in Spanish. I still speak some Greek, and understand a bit of Japanese. I aspire to learn Mandarin. Travel is still the best education!
I actually began my teaching career at Cariboo College when I was still finishing my degree. I taught both academic English and survival skills to refugees. Upon graduation, I taught Advanced Grammar at U.B.C as well as TOEFL and various courses at an English Language Institute in Vancouver. I co-created the first summer program at St Michaels University School, where I have also taught grades 9 and 10 E.S.L, focusing on literature, analysis and poetry.  In Victoria, I  have taught Media Studies and Public Speaking, and am currently the head teacher for Elite International. I have been tutoring students for fifteen years and am an expert at writing skills, grammar, literary analysis, inference questions , S.A.T essays and University Admissions. My students have a high success rate in Ivy League Universities.
English is my passion. Since I am also a published poet and professional editor, I teach all aspects of language as well as Public Speaking.

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A wonderful teacher

Lindsay is definitely a wonderful teacher who has the talent of teaching students to write at a high level, especially those whose first language is not English, myself included.
Luqi L. | Mon Jul 11 2011
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Funny & Sincere

Lindsay is funny, sincere, and most importantly, driven to guide her student to success. Initially, I had trouble conveying my ideas and lacked organization. Within weeks, Lindsay helped me change into a confident writer who is coherent and concise.
Dahan J. | Mon Jul 11 2011
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The best teacher

Lindsay is the best English teacher, if not the best teacher, I have had.
Dahan J. | Mon Jul 11 2011

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