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Ian Baird Photography

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  • Victoria, BC, Canada
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Ian Baird has a focuse passion for cutting-edge architectural imagery. Primarily servicing corporations, businesses, architects, interior designers, construction professionals and the hospitality sector, Baird's aspiration is to capture your building project be it a cottage in the woods or a sky scraping convention center in  a way you dared not dream.

"All images will be customized to strengthen the identity of your project while speaking visually to specific market and demographic. We aim to solicit and delight the viewer by interpreting a visual in  a way they never would have considered."
Ian Baird Photography  

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A professional photographer!

Ian was a fantastic photographer - not only were all the pictures great, but he was not at all pushy and mean like so so many other photographers. He completely suited the style we wanted.
-jason | Fri Oct 15 2010

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