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Essential Space Joinery

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  • Victoria, BC, Canada
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At Essential Space Joinery, we:
 design to work,
 build to last,
 manage professionally,
 invest in outcomes, and
 nurture long-term relationships. 

Essential Space Joinery is a traditional woodworking company that provides  finish carpentry, built-in furniture, and renovation carpentry services. More importantly, we work with people, helping them to create their own essential spaces. Serving areas throughout southern Vancouver Island, we will help bring your interior woodworking projects to life.  

Essential Space Joinery is headed by Mark Gordon, a traditional woodworker with a foundation in joinery, architectural design, and renovation carpentry. Mark's work is well supported by a crew of other design and building professionals who share the common goal of serving our clients professionally and for the long-term. 

With integrity, artistry, and skill our projects vary from boat building, structural restoration, furniture, and woodwork. This experience is well represented by a list of personal and professional references that are available upon request. 
We provide the following services:

Careful Cabinetry--The New Standard
Forest Stewardship Council certified solid wood and laminates are the material of choice for quality and sustainability. Zero VOC finishes are non-toxic, look great, wear well, and are easier to work with traditional lacquers and thinners. 

Woodworking materials have evolved to create a new standard, and we are proud
to be a part of making this happen.
Would you like to discuss your project further? 

You can call me at 250.661.7825 or mail
Shop hours are 7am to 7pm, Monday through Saturday.

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Excellent quality of work!

If you are looking to have quality carpentry work done on your home, call up Mark! He is fast and super friendly too!
~Clarence | Wed Oct 06 2010

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