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Nel P.

  • Tech tutor
  • Computer systems
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $20.00 per hr for Application tutoring
    $30.00 per hr for Programming tutoring

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My 10 year career consists of being a programmer, tester, designer, consultant and an instructor. Particularly in IT, I believe that knowledge sharing does not start and end in writing a source code. With my sufficient industry experience, I can share vast knowledge on how to approach your career and how someone can contribute to the vast scope of IT.
More than 6 years experience in software development using Java.
  • Working experience in telecommunication, banking, business intelligence and gaming industry;
  • Involvement in various roles from being analyst, trainer, developer, support and tester;
  • Strong experience using Spring framework integrated with IBATIS for SQL database manipulation;
  • Well experienced in test driven development using JUnit and TestNG;
  • Deployment and working experience in both Windows and Linux operating system;
  • Strong understanding and working experience in front end scripts using AJAX, JavaScript, CSS, HTML;
  • Strong understanding of software application in telecom, particularly in the NMS;
  • Active participation in Agile and test driven development and cross functional team which does the role of analyst, developer and tester;
  • Experience in setting up and maintaining continuous integration using Cruise control, Ant and Maven.
Just like hobbies and interest, how to approach learning is also different from person to person. I’m exposed to teach someone who’s on top of corporate ladder and someone with no professional experience. Each have common goal to learn but for different reason and progressing with different motivation. I’m exposed and experienced to various teaching approach for which it’s adaptable based on students preferences.
Learn the presence of each technologies in the whole scope of building a web. The coverage can be vast, for which many topics can be discussed or deep for which we will stick to a certain topic and learn more techniques, it would all depends on the reasons and objective for students.

Other related technologies such as developer’s interface, database scripting and installation, web-servers can also be learned. This supplements the whole scope of learning. It is substantial that you should be able to build your own work which consists of technologies learned during the course. Also, after the course, my other objective is to leave you with strong motivation to learn more by yourself.
Other separate tutorial coverage are using Microsoft Office application tutorial

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A selfless friend

Sir Nathaniel is not just a computer wiz, he is a teacher. He is not just a teacher, he has been a mentor. He is not just a mentor, he has been a friend. Someone who'd make sure you're learning. A selfless computer wiz, a teacher, a mentor and friend
Heidi S. Mararagan | Sat Oct 29 2011
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Nel can deliver the course in a way that it is informative and useful for my role as a Project Manager. He would tell us his experience as a developer and relate that experience in ways that it should be helpful to see from management’s perspective.
Rene Cojuangco | Sat Oct 29 2011

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