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John R.

  • Biology, Anthropology
  • Tutoring
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $22.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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I am an avid lover of traveling, the outdoors and natural world in general. I’ve had the privilege of working with animals both in field and captive venues, including giving care to a family of chimpanzees that utilize sign language to break the communication barrier between humans and non-humans. I believe tutoring is a challenging, yet satisfying, field in which I can work together with students to convey simple and complex subjects in a manner suited to each individual.
I received undergraduate degrees in Primate Behavior and Ecology and Anthropology from Central Washington University in2006. I’ve since completed all of my coursework towards a Master’s degree in Primate Behavior and another undergraduate degree in Biology.
I have experience in the tutor center at Central Washington University with students in anthropology, biology and chemistry. As a graduate teaching assistant, I also acted as guest lecturer at the undergraduate level in anthropology and primatology, along with leading study sessions prior to exams.
I can be of assistance in most biology subjects, introductory chemistry, anthropology and primate studies at the university level, and am perfectly capable of teaching the entirety of these subjects at the high school level.

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