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Pickers Consignment

  • Consignment
  • Collectibles
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.590.3254
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We're not your average consignment store. We specialize in restoration and take pride in preserving the past for future generations. We LOVE stuff, especially large unique items such as arcade games, pin ball machines and coke machines. That being said, we also like collectibles and rare items like: action figures, records, collectibles, memorabilia, signs, audio equipment, televisions, furniture, vehicle parts, etc. Just to top it off we carry vintage, consigned men's, women's, and children's clothes and accessories. We also carry household appliances, housewares, and everyday items.
Come in with your goods and we'll sell it quickly for a good price and with great service. Drop on by today and ask for Chris.
We do our utmost to provide quality goods in working order. Please come by and ask about our return, refund, consignment, and exchange policies.
250.590.3254, Ask for Chris

On the corner of Jutland Rd & Gorge Road East

Pickers's product gallery

Ping Pong Table $123.45
Xbox 360 Games $123.45
Coca-Cola Machine $123.45
Arcade Games $123.45
Vinyl Records $123.45

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Pick up my stuff at Picker's

Hey everyone. I've got a ton of great stuff that I recently consigned to Picker's Consignement. Those guys at Picker's are really cool and down to earth. Their service and product selection is great.
Kirsten S. | Tue Jan 11 2011
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Real cool joint

As a treasure hunter, I was thrilled to see the new consignment store. I love tracking down Coca-Cola collectibles, Bond movies, WWII memorabilia, and other cool things. Picker's is awesome.
Jason L. | Tue Jan 11 2011

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