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Robert P.

  • English & Science
  • Tutoring
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $20.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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I'm a university student working on my bachelor in science for linguistics, starting my 3rd year in September. It is my goal as a tutor to bring a positive and productive atmosphere to the student, in order to maximize comfort and effectiveness. Of course this is not possible without personalization for each student: one-on-one tutoring, personal interaction, and good humour all add to the effectiveness of the experience. Aside from tutoring, I am an avid (amateur photographer, have a sizable library, and have dreams of a world tour (when I win the lottery!)
Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!
Robert Pierrard
Soy un estudiante universitario de trabajo en mi licenciatura en la ciencia de la lingüística, a partir de mi 3º año en septiembre. Es mi meta como un tutor para que traiga un ambiente positivo y productivo para el estudiante, para maximizar la comodidad y eficacia. Por supuesto, esto no es posible sin personalizar para cada estudiante: uno-a-uno tutoría, la interacción personal, y el buen humor de todos los complementos a la eficacia de la experiencia. Además de la tutoría, soy un ávido (amateur) fotógrafo, tiene una biblioteca considerable, y tener sueños de una gira mundial (cuando me toque la lotería!) Gracias por su tiempo y espero con interés escuchar de usted!
Robert Pierrard
I'm in my 3rd year at UVic studying linguistics.
I have been a peer tutor in high school for both Maths and Spanish, and have been tutoring Math, Chemistry, and ESL since term ended in April - it's become nearly a full-time job now! My experience has been limited to one-on-one tutoring, which I believe to be the most personal and productive way to address questions regarding classes and the work involved.
Math to (including) grade 10.

English (including essay writing, book reviews, creative writing critiquing, etc) all grades.

Science (including Chemistry and Physics) to/incl. grade 11.

Spanish all grades.

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A good helper

Thank you for your work with my children. You're on time and friendly to them. You're a good helper who can explain what they need to learn. I will be happy to recommend you to others.
Kyoung-ok Lee | Sat Sep 17 2011
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Great tutor

Robert has a wonderful rapport with my son and is able to connect with him in such a way that he is interested in learning. His confidence and grades have improved since Robert has been tutoring him. Robert is always on time and ready to work.
Leanne E. | Sat Sep 17 2011

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