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Daniel A.

  • Vocal/Art/Fashion
  • Instructor
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $38.00 per hr for Vocal instruction

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A renaissance man if there ever was one! I grew up without every advantage in a small interior town, lacking television, computer, and Internet. This lack of technology spawned an incredibly creative mind. Painting, drawing, singing, dancing, acting, writing, and inventing were my friends as a child. Leaving school for higher learning, I attended college and university without student loans by working nights at a seniors home and tutoring every subject under the sun to complete my music degree from UBC. After completion, my musical studies brought me to Victoria. to continue training to fulfill my life long dream of being a performance artist, I have worked as a teacher, a bar-tender, a club promoter, dancer,and as a guest soloist for with notable conductors, masses, funerals, and weddings.  I recently started my own fashion promotions company called FREE COUTURE ART CLUB which boasted Best Innovative Use of Fabric at the 2011 ART ATTIRE Victoria Art Gallery Fundraiser.

I premièred my own couture line at the Vernon Public Art Gallery in a wearable-art fashion show for the RIOT ON THE ROOF EVENT in August 2011 with great success. I am currently engrossed in designing swimwear with my friend and awarding winning fashion designer Janet Dundas for a show up coming show with Paper Girl at the Round House events centre in Vancouver.

University of British Columbia
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Music: Voice and Piano
My teaching experience is vast and varied! Firstly, Five years with Kumon Math and Reading gives me solid foundations in both subjects and the joys of seeing the progress of one’s students through critical developing years. Secondly, A one-year contract with the Federal government working for the Quebec school board afforded me the opportunity for ESL training at the high school level in an English minority. After that, three years with private schools and learning academies such as KING GEORGE INTENTIONAL COLLEGE solidified my experience is Business English, TOEFL, TESOL, and adult ESL. Along with ESL, my work with PD PLUS TUTORING in the Vancouver Area kept me busy with school-work tutoring up to 14 hours a day during exam times. To add to the list, SAT prep, TOEFL crunch time, and FCE (Cambridge First Exam) curriculum development were thrown at me with ecstatic results. Finally, my true passion, teaching piano and voice for young and mature enthusiastic talent!
Vocal technique: full tone singing with attention to proper vowel production and soloist singing

Piano: starter through grades 6 piano teaching(have achieved Grade 8 RCM and Grade 10 piano at the University level under famed teacher Edward Parker)
Music Theory, History, and Appreciation (University Level)

ESL all levels
Business ESL


Fashion Illustrator/Designer/Styling

12 classes (2 classes per week)

Week 1:    Introduction/contemporary fashion illustration/Inspiration with Daniel
Week 2:    Design/Innovation/Street fashion blogging with Daniel,Jessie, and Josh
Week 3:    Make Up Course (Hollie)/Photography (Jen)/Fashion Marketing (Daniel)
Week 4:    Professional styling/Artistic Directing with Ellen and Daniel
Week 5:    Hair with Ian/Photo-shoot prep/Putting it all together with Daniel
Week 6:    Model call/Screen Test and Student's own photo shoot with team

A guided tour through the fashion industry touching all aspects of the Fashion World. A world wind course packed into 6 intense weeks aimed at preparing the modern Fashionista for a successful career in fashion!



Week 1:  The Instrument in space/air and chord care/ muscle involvement/ movement and tension release/care of instrument/discover your true voice: limitations, natural abilities and potentials

Week 2: Vowel production/Humming/Italian vowels/vowel modification/singing verses speaking/proper tone production/Mask production

Week 3: Scales/Legato Singing/Intervals/Modes/Basic Technique/Musicianship

Week 4: Studies/Languages/Identifying Vowels in Language/Proper Approach to learning new vocal works

Week 5: Songs with accompaniment/Singing different styles: Introduction to Jazz/folk/opera/popular idioms

Week 6: Performance in song/theatre/group/solo/church/choir/fun/serious situations/Overcoming nerves/troubleshooting while performing/Understanding your instrument!

What people are saying about Daniel:

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Great collaborator

Daniel was fantastic to work with: always enthusiastic, on-the-ball, and professional. Everyone at the event loved his designs! He brought something unique and spectacular to ‘Riot,’ and I hope to work with him again in the near future.
Kristin D. | Thu Sep 01 2011
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Enriching experience

I have been enriched from having worked with him and would highly recommend his services to others.
Patricia K. | Mon Jul 11 2011
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Rare mix

Daniel is a rare mix of a kind and caring individual with keen talent and high skill level. He is devoted to helping others better themselves and is adept at offering the right encouragement to bring out talent in those he is working with.
Patricia K. | Mon Jul 11 2011
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Takes it to next level

I've had the pleasure of working with Daniel on a few projects. His enthusiasm, organizational abilities and professionalism made my work easy and enjoyable! With a creative flare and drive, he always takes his projects to the next level.
Jen S. | Mon Jul 11 2011

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