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Laura H.

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Hello, my name is Laura and I have been teaching for the last 20 years, both in Alberta and British Columbia.  I have always enjoyed teaching English and ESL and I believe this comes from my interest in reading.  I am a voracious reader of novels, from historical to mystery stories.  My favorite past time is cuddling up with a good book by my big window and becoming totally absorbed.  However, I am also a middle distance runner and a passionate gardener.  In fact, I have run my own gardening company in the past.  My interest in running comes from my desire to be fit and healthy, but is also motivated by my love of the outdoors.  I  only run on trails in the forests and lake areas of beautiful Victoria.
I have several degrees and diplomas and am currently working on finishing my masters degree.  My degrees are in both English Literature and Art History.  I also have a diploma in Human Sciences and a graduate diploma in Education - Post Secondary and TESL.  My masters degree is in the faculty of Art History.  My education took place at Concordia University in Montreal, Marianopolis College in Montreal, and the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta.   I am a writer and especially enjoy poetry.  I have also tutored at the university level (Native Student Services, U. of A.) and at the primary, middle and high school levels.
My instructional career began in Alberta where I taught Art History at the University level, then went on to teach history and English at the college level.  In Victoria I worked at a private ESL school for 10 years.  In the first five years I taught ESL at the advanced and beginner level, but then moved into teacher training for the last 5 years  to become the school's TESL instructor.  Presently I teach ESL at the University of Alberta during the mornings and work part-time as an instructor at an SAT, SSAT Academy.  There I teach reading and writing to young children from the ages of 7 - 18 while also teaching some IELTS and TOEFL courses.   I thoroughly enjoy working with young children and youth and would love to continue teaching this age group.
My areas of interest and expertise are in the subjects of English and ESL.   Although I love teaching Art History, I am aware that this subject is not taught in the Victoria school district.    I have also taught several programs in TOEFL and IELTS and have a strong background in reading comprehension and writing curriculum.  Currently I am teaching advanced writing at UVIC, primary level reading and writing courses at the academy and and IELTS course.  I am quite open to working in any of these areas if they can be of any service to students.
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Great at instilling confidence

My son Justin hated learning at school but when he learned with Laura he became happy. He learned to read and write in English and loved the story books. He said that Laura supported him to learn new words. She made him love English.
Min-young Park | Thu Mar 08 2012
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Highest mark on the report card

With Laura's invaluable asssistance, my son Jordan was able to get a very high mark, in fact the highest mark on his entire report card. She was able to break down information into workable units.
Kristi Kinghorn | Thu Mar 08 2012

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