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James A.

  • Philosophy, ESL
  • Tutoring
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $38.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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Two of the three non-human loves of my life are philosophy and teaching. The third is traveling and living abroad. After a period of time England and Ireland I lived in Asia for six years, including Japan, Taiwan and China. My general interests in philosophy include metaphysics, epistemology and the mystical throughout the history of philosophy, both western and eastern. In addition to my academic interest in philosophy and religion, I have an extensive interest in history, English and comparative literature and poetry. I also enjoy baroque music and outdoor activities, especially running, cycling and hiking. My main publication to date is The Mystical in the Early Writings of Wittgenstein, Routledge, April 2009.
My education includes a Ph. D. (philosophy, University of Ottawa), M. A. (philosophy, Brock University), B. A., (honours, philosophy, University of Victoria) and British Columbia Teachers' Certificate (University of Victoria).

  As a university instructor I have taught a wide range of philosophical classes such as an introduction to philosophy, ethics, ethics in business, justice ethics, logic and critical thinking, epistemology, advanced studies in metaphysics, eastern religion and philosophy and an introductory course to political studies. In addition to classroom teaching I have taught three online courses in ethics. I developed materials and tests for these courses, and have consistently received excellent student evaluations. 

  As an English instructor the subjects I taught include essay writing, grammar, and literature to both secondary and post-secondary students. I also have extensive experience teaching in Canada and abroad all levels of oral and written E.S.L. In addition, I taught students who were preparing for TOEFL and TOEIC. My experience as a private tutor includes teaching university, college, and secondary school students in English, including literature and essay writing, E.S.L., including pronunciation, grammar and writing skills, history, and philosophy. 
The subjects I teach are all areas of philosophy, religion, English, including literature, grammar and essay writing and political studies. I also have an extensive background teaching E.S.L., including writing skills, grammar and pronunciation. 

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Fantastic teacher

James is very good at catching student's attention and keeping them interested in the topic - fantastic teaching style.
VIU Student Evaluation | Mon Aug 22 2011
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Strong passion

Prof. Atkinson's strengths are his passion for the material and his easy going yet professional manner.
VIU Student Evaluation | Mon Aug 22 2011
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James is very friendly and approachable. He does a great job in both teaching and keeping the course fun
VIU Student Evaluation | Mon Aug 22 2011
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James is very amiable and accessible instructor. He shows expertise in the material and is very open to alternative interpretations. He show true intellectual rigor.
VIU Student Evaluation | Mon Aug 22 2011
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True philosopher

James is an excellent philosophy teacher. He makes tackling extremely dense philosophical work very enjoyable.
VIU Student Evaluation | Mon Aug 22 2011

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