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Eric Peterson

  • Freelance Videographer/Editor
  • Director Of Photography
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • (250) 538-8978
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Shooting in California.
Eric Peterson, 19, was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. He
currently resides on the small island of Salt Spring where he
works as a professional filmmaker and runs a small business.
Eric’s hobbies include, making movies, skiing, mountain biking,
being outdoors, spending time with friends and anything else
that is fun.
Eric has been a filmmaker for three and a half years, two of them
professionally. He loves working outside, getting dirty and finding
unique and challenging angles.
Eric currently has a few projects on the go, but is always available
for freelance work, whatever it may be. To contact Eric, use the
contact section. He looks forward to working with you.

Eric is available for the following services…
- Online Media Content Consulting
- Stock Videography
- Action Sports Videography/Editing
- Promotional Content Videography/Editing
- Advertisement Videography/Editing
- Outdoors, Adventure, Documentary Videography/Editing

Phone or email.  (Email is better)

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Wonderful young talent

I've had the pleasure to see Eric's work in progress. It is a point of great fascination for me to see a young talent like Eric at work. Expect exciting thing to come.
Jonathan Reyes | Fri Apr 30 2010

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