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Whitney N.

  • Visual Arts
  • Instructor
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
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I am dedicated to my profession and have been passionate about art making since a very young age. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of art and working with others, allowing myself to learn from them as much as they learn from me. I believe art can heal the soul, and that it can be used as a form of confidence building. I enjoy going to gallery shows, drawing inspiration from nature and the outdoors, music, and film.
I have been a practicing artist for several years and have received a diploma in visual arts through Camosun College; I am continuing my education and will have a Bachelors of Fine Arts by  April 2013. I have 72 hours worth of classes in child development, behavioral psychology and in general psychology in hopes to gain a second diploma in art therapy. As well, I have been a featured artist in several group shows across Victoria, and internationally.
I have been working with children doing general arts and craft for approximately 6 years, as well as doing art projects for birthday parties and groups of up to 5 children.

I also have experience working with high school students wanting to expand their knowledge in painting and drawing, as well as art history.

-Western Art History - Modern Art History
-Painting and Drawing, including Colour Theory
-Femo jewelry making and model clay making, not including kiln fires/glazing
-General arts and crafts
-Film, Digital and Experimental Photography, including Cyanotyping

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Good focus

Her ability to focus are evident in the high quality of her rendering skills whether she is drawing from life, inventing imagery or drawing from photographic references.
Heather T. | Mon Jul 11 2011
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Insightful instructor

Whitney has helped me better understand the “whys” of art as well as the “how-to”. She helped me open up my mind to abstract painting and showed me how to make my message present while still maintaining a strong source of mystery in my work.
Genine G. | Mon Jul 11 2011

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