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Matthew L.

  • Tutoring
  • Linguistics
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250-885-2902
  • $35.00 per hr for 1x per week
    $32.00 per hr for 2x per week
    $28.00 per hr for 3x per week

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Hello. I'm Matthew. I was born and raised in Victoria BC, but I have live abroad in the Philippines and South Korea. I have traveled to Japan, the US, and across Canada. I have many interests and I love living in Victoria, BC. I can read and write in Hangul (Korean) and I can converse a little in it as well.
I graduated in Victoria studying linguistics, communication, and language development. I am TESL certified.
I have taught in academies in South Korea and in Victoria, BC. From 2005, I decided to tutor privately and have been doing so full-time Monday to Saturday since. I have taught 100s of students, mostly from Canada and South Korea but also students from Mexico, Japan, China, and Saudi Arabia.
I tutor from 5pm until 10pm Monday to Friday, with time on Saturday as well. 
I allow two cancelled classes per month. These cancellations are credited to the following month's invoice. Any additional cancellations are either rescheduled within the same month or simply considered a loss.

$35/hr for 1x/week (or 4-6 class/mo.)

$32/hr for 2x/week (or 7-9 class/mo.)

$28/hr for 3x/week (or 10-13 class/mo.)

What people are saying about Matthew:

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Great experience

One of the best ESL teachers I’ve ever met. His courses gave me confidence in conversation, and boarded our view on Canadians cultures. Definitely a good chose for tutoring
Alex WU | Sat Sep 23 2017
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Just try it

Being completely honest with myself, I can proudly say to everyone that Matthew gave me the best education so far in my life. It's not just about English he is the one that helped me go thorough challenges that I couldn't have alone.
Sean Kim | Thu Feb 13 2014
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Matthew is a wonderful teacher. He helped me develop my English... Thank you so much!!
Viri Carmona | Mon Jan 20 2014
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Nice tutor in the world:)

He is a nice tutor. I can tell you he can improve your English skil. Also he teach all the subjects very well. And his class is not boring, his class is really fun and interesting!
Nayoung Go | Sat Jan 18 2014
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He will bring so many positive changes to your life.. seriously

First of all, I would like to thank him for what he's done for me. He is an amazing person overall, not just as a tutor. He helped me to broaden my English and social skills, thus getting me to where I am right now. I will never regret meeting Matthe
Justin Lee | Wed Jan 15 2014
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Long time tutor

Matthew has helped me grow in my language art skills. He is also very funny and cool to be around.
James Kim | Mon Jan 13 2014
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I have been with him almost 2 years and my English is better than any time now. he's a nice tutor and also a good friend of me.
Hansolo | Sat Jan 11 2014
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Good tutor

Matthew helped me develop my English over a period of about 1.5 years. We studied a lot of grammar, essay writing, English literature, university admission papers, and more. He was a big help.
Sangdo Lee | Thu Jan 09 2014

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