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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is creating a Solomarketing profile helpful when I already have a website?

Solomarketing profiles have powerful marketing tools which can attract and chart each visitor to your profile. This built-in tool can generate the views your business needs by directing countless viewers to your profile; and to the point, your profile will clearly display your web-address to give clients instant access to your site if needed.

Will Solomarketing significantly increase views and chances of sales to my business?

Definitely yes! Solomarketing encourages members to complete their marketing task list which provides very simple step-by-step narrated videos for 10 different marketing steps. Solomarketing was designed with three basic ideas: simple, functional, and beautiful. If you have a decent product or service, we can certainly get it to the masses. *See question-6 to see how to even better increase potential sales.

Isn’t it faster, cheaper, and more effective if I just post my ad on Criagslist or elsewhere?

Absolutely not! Solomarketing has incorporated these three factors from the beginning. Is it faster? It takes approximately 1:30 minutes from typing your name in at registration to having your profile live on the Internet with photo. Is it cheaper? The only thing cheaper than free is when people give you money. So I guess if you make a profile and get clients, then Solomarketing is cheaper than free; it pays you. Is it more effective? Solomarketing is your virtual marketer, accountant, secretary, resume, website and more.

Do I, at any time, have to pay a one-time fee, subscription fee, renewal fee, or hidden fee?

No, no, no, and no. is FREE! We make our revenue on featured profiles and other optional services. Pop-up ads, phone-call soliciting, spamming, and other nuisance marketing is not allowed, so our members and users are safe.

Is Solomarketing better suited for product-based businesses or professional services?

Both! Solomarketing allows members to advertise one or more flat or per-hour rates which are displayed on the profile. Members may also upload images with 150-character captions which may include the product or service name, price, description, or other.

How can I make my profile more professional, competitive, and stand-out among others?

Solomarketing offers a host of services to make your services prominent and desirable. Having a complete profile with basic info, images, prices, and descriptions is a start. Taking it to the next level requires a degree of investment on your part. We are more than willing to aid you in featuring, highlighting, prioritising, developing, and marketing your business profile in the best and most professional way we know how – and within a budget.

Do I need to be a registered and licensed business to create a Solomarketing profile?

Not necessarily. First and foremost, you must abide by all laws that apply to the nature of your business whether you sell your products or services locally or internationally. However, having said this, most businesses which make under a set amount don’t always need to be registered or be licensed. This advice must always be followed by prudent research on your part of the laws which apply to your area and the area in which you provide your services.

Will my Solomarketing profile be safe from abuses, and secure from unwanted solicitors?

Yes. As stated in Solomarketing’s Terms and Conditions, many forms of abuse, soliciting, and otherwise inappropriate content is strictly forbidden. In addition to this, members and visiting users alike have been given the option to report infringements of the Terms and Conditions and general abuses by way of clicking a ‘report abuse’ link which flags the content for site review.

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