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Joyce S.

  • Science
  • Tutoring
  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250.885.2902
  • $25.00 per hr for Private Tutoring

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As biology graduate who started as an international student studying abroad Canada,
I can offer my knowledge, effective study skills, and help you achieve your academic
goals - especially if there are language barriers to overcome if English is not your
first language. I am a spontaneous person and enjoy travelling. In fact, it is one of
the reasons that I decided to attend university in Canada. Studying should not be a
struggle, let me make a difference in your life!
Bachelor of Science in Biology – University of Victoria
I have experience in tutoring science for grade 10 students and mandarin Chinese for
I tutor science subjects including biology, physics, and chemistry up to grade 12. I
also provide lessons for mandarin-Chinese conversation.

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