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Hayan S.

  • K-11
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  • Victoria, BC, Canada
  • 250-885-2902
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I see that you are seeking a professional teacher who brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to class. I instill self-confidence in my students, and plan efficient child-centred teaching for young students. Count me in! I am the tutor that you need.
I went to Camosun College and received my diploma in Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) and I have a TESOL certificate and have finished 4 weeks of teaching orientation with a ‘Most Respectful Scholar from the Orientation’ award out of 50 scholars in Korea. My2 years of ECCE program experience, and a year of tutoring experience with a grade 4 and grade 8, and 2 years of English teaching to Kindergarten through grade 6 in Korea have made me a flexible, creative, and fun teacher. I have learned and grown from many challenges that I've had on the way through trials and errors but mostly though my optimistic and hard-working personality. I have seen many positive changes in me that have helped me to be a competent teacher. I was a babysitter who knew how to play along with the children and have now become an educator who reinforces each child strengths by planning child-centered and emergent curricula.
I am a good listener, easy-going, optimistic and very out-going. I love to be playful with students but when they act out or violate the rules I have my firm voice and blank face to show my seriousness. I love outdoor activities such as soccer,badminton, volleyball, ice-skating, biking, swimming, and hiking. I am a fan of music especially acoustics and Indi bands. I can play Ukulele and piano. I love to draw, sing, dance and play my instruments when I am at home, and love to hang out with friends whenever our time allows. I hear many times that I am like a ‘Happy Virus,’ so I can assure you that the students under my care will definitely be joyful, recharged and refreshed whenever they are learning with me!
Before starting classes with a student, I ask 3 main questions: What is your dream, what do you expect from this tutoring and what will help you stay motivated to this learning segment. This is because I want to make tutoring time productive for the students and feel the responsibility they and I have to invest for better improvements.
Subjects which I can teach would be all courses from Elementary to grade11. However, English tutoring would be my main subject that I would like to teach. But like I said, I would love to teach other courses as long as they are assigned to me!

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Delightful tutor

I highly recommend Hayan because she has so many abilities that make working with her delightful and enjoyable.
Dale J. | Thu Sep 27 2012
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Great qualities

Hayan is very well organized, diligent in her teaching work, easily approachable, and always on time.
Woo-ryong Park | Thu Sep 27 2012

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